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Meet Tiny Ted. He may be small, but he's very brave. Perched high up on a dusty shelf with no one to talk to, he dreams of exploring the world below. His wish comes true, but he soon discovers that life can be fraught with danger when you're the world's smallest teddy bear.

Tiny Ted hears a strange noise coming from inside an Easter egg. He opens it up to discover a small, fluffy creature inside. 'Cheep cheep,' it says. Tiny Ted sets about trying to find the new arrival a home, but the little creature has other ideas... And so begins another captivating adventure for the world's smallest teddy bear.

Tiny Ted writes a letter to Santa and sets off to deliver it himself. But when he reaches the town, Santa is nowhere to be found. It seems that Tiny Ted's journey has been in vain - but there is a very big Christmas surprise in store for the world's smallest bear.

When Tiny Ted decides to take a little holiday it soon turns into a big adventure. For the great outdoors holds a wealth of surprises if you're the size of an acorn and a lot smaller than a dragonfly!

Follow the exciting adventures of the world's smallest teddy bear in this box set of four enchanting miniature books.

TINY TED may be small - but he thinks BIG! until he discovers he's happy to stay just the way he is... A fun-filled adventure to delight all readers - both BIG and small!

'Peter Bowman has created the cutest of characters' - reviewed by BABY MAGAZINE

'Reassuring' - reviewed by PARENTS MAGAZINE


This carry case contains two delightful books that follow the tiniest of bears as he goes exploring, plus your very own lovable soft toy Tiny Ted to take with you on your own adventures. These books make ideal bedtime stories for young children.

Tiny Ted continues his adventures in this 'Mini Treasures' special edition.

Children love to colour in the line drawings contained in this Tiny Ted colouring book.

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